Game show stampede

A tragedy occured in my country early yesterday morning. As of 3 PM yesterday, the casualty reached up to 79 persons. Just a little background about Wowowee, the game show involved in the stampede – the show gives away a lot of money not only to game participants but also to some lucky audience. To celebrate it’s 1st year anniversary, the show was planned to be held at Ultra/PhilSports Arena in Pasig (which happens to be in the city where I live) to accomodate the large audience turnout. People from all over the Philippines converged in Ultra and a lot of them came from provinces far away and they came as early as Wednesday so they could get in line early for the Saturday show. A lot of the folks who came had no money. All they had is hope that they might be lucky enough to bring home some money to better their impoverished lives. Some of them brought children and elderlies with them perhaps in the hope that they’ll have a better chance in winning. Unfortunately, all hell broke lose Saturday morning. So many people were waiting outside Ultra and some of them were unruly. When the guard opened the gates so some of them could come in, a stampede resulted and a lot of people got injured. Some even died. This article explains everything better.

This incident is really depressing. Not a single one of the victims deserved this and it’s even more unfortunate because the people most affected live below the poverty line. I mean, they couldn’t even afford to go back home! A lot of them had nothing to eat! A lot of them came in slippers and those got lost during the stampede. ABS-CBN will shoulder the hospital/burial costs but I doubt that it’s enough. Who could have expected that some of them will get killed just by going to a game show? The whole country was (and still is) so shocked with what occured and this tragedy is an eye opener for people like me who are so fortunate to have money, that we don’t have to be desperate, that we don’t have to travel far with nothing but our slippers in the hope that we’ll get spare change. People like me have a lot to be thankful for and hopefully I’ll always remember this fact.

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