No better alternative?

Ugh. The political state here is atrocious! I am not in favor of Proclamation 1017 but those politicians who are in the opposition are also unappealing. Most of them have ulterior motives and it’s so obvious. Maybe the question is which is the lesser evil? I have yet to see this but I have a feeling that even if I do find out, I won’t do anything about it. I won’t take to the streets if there is a call for another People Power. That may have worked before but I don’t think it will anymore. Let’s say PGMA steps down or is overthrown. Who will take over her seat? Noli de Castro? Oh please! He’s a lackey of PGMA. Ex-President Joseph Estrada? I would rather die. A military junta? That is even scarier. Simply put, nobody ideal is available to replace her that’s why a lot of civilians don’t care much about the current turmoil.

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