Food Tourist

I’ve never been to Trinoma. Never been to a bloggers’ meet either. I decided to sign up for the Trinoma Bloggers Food Tour when I got wind of the event since I wanted to become more social. Okay, the free food was even more of a big come on I must admit but I also wanted to see other bloggers and people I make “kulit” with on twitter. When I signed up I thought it was already too late since the 100 pax quota was already filled up. I still sent an email though and was delighted when they upped the quota to 150 and I got included. That meant that I could finally meet Shabby, Tess, etc.

The food tour finally pushed through last January 9. I felt a bit awkward since everything was so new to me. I thought I would get lost in the mall and when I finally found the venue, I didn’t see any familiar faces. Kinapalan ko na lang mukha ko and began to chat up with some people there. I think Lauren was the first one I approached. She introduced me to her mom (a blogger too), Fritz, Ade (did I get that correctly?) and Tess.

Lauren, Ade, Fritz


Tess then introduced me to more bloggers but Yehey (the organizer of the event) started showing the super long Trinoma AVP. After what seemed like 20 minutes, we were told to go to our group because the tour will start. I arrived late so I was assigned to the white group (Shabby was even later than me but she was in the same group). I went to my group and did some chit chat about our blogs, etc. blah blah then off we went.

White group

First stop was Cyma. I’ve eaten at their other branches before and I love the food there. However, this branch was still preparing the food when we got there and we had to wait for more than 10 minutes before we could try what they served. I guess it was worth the wait because the lamb was good.

Holy Cow was even better. I loved the whimsy but classy atmosphere of the place. I could still even smell the pine wood they used for the flooring. Oh yeah, their food was really good too. I especially loved the nachos.

holy cow

I must have eaten at Bubba Gump a gazillion times already but I still enjoyed the shrimp treats they served us bloggers. I kept on coming back to the food table.


TGI Friday’s was okay. But the other groups caught up with us since we were running late. I wasn’t able to thoroughly enjoy the food they offered.

it's friday

Next was Italiani’s. Again, I’ve eaten there lots of times before but never tried the pasta the Trinoma branch had us taste. I’m sorry I forgot what it’s called. I asked the lady there a dozen times but I still ended up forgetting. Bad memory. Anyway, I liked the pasta so much. I’ll get that when I go to Italiani’s next time.

Last stop on the 4th level was Fish & Co. I’ve been to their other branches several times before and it’s one of my favorite restaurants. Of course I had to eat the fish and chips this branch made us try!

The 3rd level restos were something else. I call it the posh level.

We had to wait a bit when we were in Haiku because it’s not a fast food resto after all. I loved the sashimi and salad we tried. Plus points to the presentation of the food. Some of my group mates has never tried raw fish before so I anticipated their reaction.

it's his first time

Next was Hossein which, again, I’ve been to before in their Serendra branch. Hossein trinoma made up try their beef kabab. Heavenly! Hossein is really pricey but it’s perfect for intimate celebrations because of the atmosphere.


The Madison Grill was a big disappointment. There was no free food. Just their ingredients on display. Boo!

Abe was cool! The location of their Trinoma branch is perfect. I got to take awesome photographs of North Avenue from their balcony. Their food is pretty good too.

abe's specialties



We didn’t go to Good Earth Tea Room anymore because we were so behind.

On the second level, we only got to try La Maison. Their ribs is sooooo yummy. I will definitely go back there. I was also eying their chocolate cake. I wish they let us try it.

la maison

love the lamps!

On the first level, we were so full already. We dropped by Super Bowl, Mangan, and Mann Hann but I was so stuffed. I couldn’t eat anymore. It’s not THAT hard to believe even if I’m fat.

We only had a few minutes left so I suggested that we just have dessert. We headed to Conti’s which is a bit far from the other restos. The place was packed since it’s dinner time but the manager took us to a special room and served us desserts.



Of course, the cakes were good. There was hardly a bite left. As I kept saying in this entry, we were always lacking time. We had to rush to the activity level again for the raffle. I didn’t know there would be a concert but when we got there, a band was already playing.


I wasn’t into the band but the other bloggers liked Sound. Even if I didn’t like their music, it was still a perfect ending to my food-fueled adventure. I got to relax and enjoy the activity center. Imagine, we ate for 4-hours straight and I didn’t even go for a bathroom break. My mouth waters whenever I see photos of food taken by other bloggers. I also made plans with a friend that we’ll go back to Trinoma for its spectacular design. I wish there will be another food tour in the future. Yehey might be able to fulfill my wish 😛