Coffee Prince

Argh! I woke up this ungodly hour due to a Coffee Prince-induced dream. I finished watching that Kdrama yesterday and I found it quite nice. It’s officially my first Kdrama, meaning the only Kdrama I was able to finish watching. I blame Mads and Mark for this because they were the ones who kept on telling me to watch it.

I found The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince charming. The actors were believable especially that Eun Hye as a guy. I really like it when she bawls. That’s what real crying is like. Han Kyul was also good but I have no idea why people think he’s hot. I think there’s something wrong with his eyebrows. If I were Eun Hye, I would have followed him around with a pair of tweezers. The shop assistants I found cute. That Japanese guy was sizzling and so was the dumb guy. I liked the soundtrack a lot too. I was pleasantly surprised when a track by Ephemera was played. Sweet! I didn’t know there was a thriving indie scene in Korea. I guess the scene is popular since indie songs were used in a popular drama.

How does this compare with doramas? Well, I still prefer doramas because of the varied topics. I have yet to hear about a kdrama that isn’t about romance. Also, there were times when I got bored watching Coffee Prince because it was too long. This one had 17 episodes of what felt like 1 hour long each. Still, it was good as my first kdrama. I’m thinking of watching Princess Hours later.

Listen to Ephemera’s “Balloons and Champagne” which was played during a tender moment between Eun Hye and Han Kyul.


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  1. A LOT of my friends are very addicted to it (and guys as well). The story itself seems unique and funny, and it’s a new taste for us Filipinos so we’re hooked on it.

    But I rarely watch TV so I just watch that whenever my dormmates would watch it: that is, once a week, I think.

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