Shopping for this girl

Shopping for myself. That’s what I did yesterday afternoon. I went for a quick urinalysis (orders of by OB Gyne) then went to a nearby sale by a factory outlet of Dr. Martens. I was able to find a nice mary janes my size and bought it for 2,200 pesos. Still expensive but Doc Martens are expensive. From there, I went to Robinson’s Galleria because the Smart Wireless Center there is cozier than Shangri-la’s. My Plan 800 expired October last year and since I have no plans of switching, I got their retention plan. Because of the retention plan, I was able to buy a discounted Sony Ericsson P1i for 12,000 pesos. I think the current market value of the unit is 17K so it’s still a good deal. Actually I wasn’t expecting that I will be able to take home the unit today but my papers got processed fast.

Where did I get my money for all these? Since mom began helping me organize the payment of my credit card debts, I was able to save a lot of salary money. I still don’t know how she did it but it’s working great.

So yeah, new phone and new shoes. I’m happy again but how long will that last?

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  1. What she did was pay my credit cards bills in lump sum amounts. For example I have 60K pesos in debt in 1 card. She pays 20K in one billing cycle in order for the interest of the debt to become smaller. On the next cycle she pays 17, and the next 15, etc. etc. This way, the interest and the debt become lower and lower. She makes me pay her by deducting a certain amount from my salaries.

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