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Peanut and Elmer

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Elmer and Peanut

I forgot I took this photo when Elmer was still so young. He used to sleep with our dog Peanut. So cute!!!

Men and Mystery

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I don’t I will ever understand them. Still, I don’t want to be a spinster. Or a nun which I’m so not qualified for anyway. Growing up with no father and studying at an all-girl Catholic school up to high school, it is no wonder I am so clueless as to how boys operate.

Back in college, this one guy asked me to watch a movie with him after class. Well, I wanted to watch that movie so I went with him. We ate first and he offered to pay for our low-class meal. I let him since free food is free food, right? I don’t even remember what movie we watched but I left him after the movie ended. Well imagine my surprise when I learned that he’s been saying that we went on a date. I had no idea that he even liked me romantically. And excuse me, if it were a date, I would have expected more. Like better meal! I was so annoyed with the guy and it even got more annoying when he kept on calling on the phone with boring chit chat and sudden blurts of “I love you’s” and me repeating “sorry I don’t feel that way about you”. After a couple of months he gave up on me but he became bitter over it. He hated me. I was like “what the fuck? I was even nice to him na nga”.

Well this is just one example of how I don’t understand the opposite sex. I couldn’t detect if somebody likes me romantically or not. I have many experiences of thinking that certain guys liking me and it always turns out that I was wrong. How delusional of me and how embarrassing too.

I have a crush on somebody right now and I’m sure my feelings for him isn’t reciprocated. It is just so impossible. I bought “He’s Just Not That Into You” several years ago and if that book is really reliable and applicable to the Philippine society, then all signs point to no, he is just not that into me. Which also points to the impending doom of spinsterhood.