Better pinoy tv series?

Now that Philippine television is airing Ako Si Kim Samsoon and My Girl, 2 series based on popular kdramas, are we going to see better original Philippine drama series? According to PEP, Ako Si Kim Samsoon is getting high ratings. I hope the networks follow this trend and apply this to our own series. I’ve never seen the originals of the 2 series but I’m really curious about the Kim Samsoon adaptation.

4 thoughts on “Better pinoy tv series?

  1. Hi there.. napanood ko na ang Kim Sam Soon at My Girl Pinoy Version. Pero hindi ko sila consistent na napopanood since madalas nasa work ako ng mga oras na iyon. Proud to be Kapuso ako pero mas nagustuhan ko ang My Gril ni Kim Chiu. ewan ko, mas trip ko ang kulit ni kim(siguro dahil mas bata) kesa kay regine though pinagsama-sama sa kim sam soon ang mga magagaling na komedyante gaya nina Thessie Thomas, Eugene Domingo at John Lapuz.

  2. I just started watching Ako si Kim Samsoon about 2 weeks ago and I immediately got hooked; not only hooked but addicted. Believe it or not, I am a religious watcher of My Girl – but watching me Ako si Kim Samsoon by GMA, I was transformed and enlightened. I love it.

    In the past years, I had been doubtful of Regine’s acting ability – but this series totally changed that. Overacting as it is, I believe that her acting was executed justly. I applaud and admire her now.

    Plus, much better casts (than My Girl). Even though I’ve been watching My Girl for the longest time, I had been so annoyed by Gerald and Nina Jose’s lack of talent. I just don’t see any expression in them; the expression that I see plenty of in the character Nico (Nico is a great actor).

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