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Sourgraping about Sony Ericsson

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Just let me rant for a bit here. I feel left out that I didn’t get an invite for the “secret” Sony Ericsson thingy where almost all of Filipino bloggers I know got a free SE phone. I’m no problogger (even if I have some side projects where I’m trying to earn from blogging) but I’ve been blogging since the late 90’s. This blog alone is already 4-years old. Given I’m not popular in the Filipino blog scene and I hardly go to blog events (I seldom get invites anyway), I’m a Sony Ericsson fan since the T68i came out. Ever since then, I’ve gone through several Sony Ericsson phones. Even my current one, a P1i, is made by them. Heck, I’ve blogged about SE phones here and in my past blogs. I don’t know why I didn’t get invited but I somehow feel that it’s a confirmation that my blog is nothing to the Pinoy blogosphere. I feel bitter sometimes when I see my friends use their free SE phones. I’m human, I get gadget envy, and damn the phone looks really nice. Maybe this is what I get for having a nonsense blog. In spite of the bad feeling, I’m still a fan and I won’t let this silly thing affect my phone choice decisions but bext time I see any of my friends use the phone they got from the event, I’ll just close my eyes and try to think of more pleasant things.

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