Joseph Carlo Candare, a sociopath?

Several days ago, I learned from some Plurker friends about a UP student who gets his thrills from killing cats. The bastard, Joseph Carlo Candare, wrote a multiply entry about a cat he just killed inside the UP campus. He got a lot of angry comments for that entry so he made it private. Fortunately, google cached that entry and people were able to read the whole thing including some comments. Here’s a screencap of that entry.

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I’m a cat lover and what this kid did I find truly abominable. I hope that NIP or even the Chancellor is already doing something about this. The kid needs to be punished but it shouldn’t stop there. He’s exhibiting Antisocial Personality Disorder and what’s alarming about it is that the “thrill” he derives from torturing animals can escalate to grimmer things. There is a big chance that he’ll face expulsion since his action was against the law but I’m thinking that he’ll have more hatred with animals and humanity as a consequence. I know a couple of people who actually know the guy in real life and what he does to cats is just one aspect of him. According to them, he has always been a “naughty” kid. He almost set a laboratory on fire. My friends refuse to tell me other details but even just basing the issue on his blog entry alone, it is clear that the kid is disturbed and I believe he needs professional help before it’s too late.

Last night he posted several apology blog entries here, here, and another one he deleted. Sincere or not, he still has urges to harm. He can still continue torturing animals when nobody’s looking. The kid needs professional help like I said, but what irks me a lot are the behaviors of his friends who just let him do such acts. Even more enraging are his friends who defend the violence (read the comments). “Get off your high horse,” they say. Why? So that your friend can beat up the horse?

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  1. I read those two blog apologies of his, especially the comments. Sheesh, that one recurring commentor/defender is truly rabid AND stupid.

  2. You know what’s scary is that there is so much anger and hatred towards this kid right now, and I honestly do not think that he is mentally capable or mature enough to handle them. So I’m kinda afraid of what he might do next (or not to mention his “not so bright” friends who are defending him in a horrible manner…)

    Anywayz I posted one comment on his apology letter thing too…

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  3. While I believe that JC Candare should get his comeuppance, I don’t think expelling him from the University would be fair.

    We have ex-cons in the College of Law as well as in other colleges in UP, and just because he’s committed an incredibly sick act of fuck-uppery doesn’t mean he’s not smart enough to be here.

    OneTamad´s last blog post..WTF, dude?

  4. he deleted my comment lol
    he’s sick,obviously. but the guy’s friends are more sick. tss.
    let’s hope there’s an action for this, we don’t want another serial guy [maski pa animal yan at hindi tao, who knows he might find pleasure din in harming people] wondering around. and stuff like what he did deserves justice.

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  5. akosibentumbling and angbabaw may or may not be friends of jc.. as of now, we still do not know who they are..

    im one of jc’s close friend… akosibentumbling and angbabaw are just worsening the situation because most people think its jc hiding in an alias.. jc was asked not to go online again as the threads can devastate him emotionally

  6. This is worse than what Kenny Glenn did, and look what happened to Kenny Glenn.

  7. Found this song that one multiply user posted on that cat killers multiply account. Thought it was funny, a little mean, but funny. Anyway, that cat killer guy should really see a doctor. those are psychotic tendencies na.

    – – – – – – – –

    JC is a psycho! Jc is a psycho! He killed a cat… and more than that… he killed his psyche.

    Watch out everybody, JC really hates cats. he was molested by one with a baseball bat.

    The cat stuck the bat up his ass and even dipped it in broken glass.

    The cat enjoyed every minute of it, twisting and turning that motherf**kin’ bat bit by bit.

    Shoved it so far that it hit JC’s tiny brain, so please, please
    haters… don’t complain.

    it’s not his fault… JC is a psycho! Jc is a psycho! he killed a
    cat-o, now he’s going psycho!

    JC likes killing cats, canaries, hamsters, even dogs and little rats.

    But he didn’t like to keep it simple. he upgraded to killing people…

    coz… JC is a psycho! Jc is a psycho!

    closet f*g? molested by dad? we’re not so sure why he’s such a hag.

    he like beating animals with his fists and having dominatrix ladies twist his nips.

    because… JC is a psycho! Jc is a psycho!

    so forgive this poor fella… coz he’s going to straight to hella!

    where he can kill all the cats and babies and sh*t so quick

    and even have hitler lick his d**k.

    for the simple truth that… JC IS A PSYCHO… JC IS A PSYCHO!

    word to your nanay.

  8. wow.. how on earth did you get that screen shot??

    sorry im a dunce.. :p

    i kinda feel sorry for jc….

  9. where can i find this sucker??? i would love to do the same thing to him.

  10. hey this came out on the news tonite. twice (primetime & late night). GMA7

  11. i agree. this is so disturbing in many levels. the actuations of JC himself, and how his friends were very non-chalant about it and even defending him. they miss the point completely. it’s beyond disgusting. that boy needs help, and so does his friends.

    pao´s last blog post..Roll!

  12. i am against violence to animal rights.

    i personally do not like antisocial behavior among people.

    but who are you to FULLY judge? you have ONE LONE blog post as a basis. now you assert you know jc candare’s full psychological profile.

    jeez, people. think logically. ask people who knew him since birth.

    don’t think with ill logic. yeah, that may not be as bad as killing cats out of pure whim.

    but it’s not so hard to think rationally, right?

  13. oops, i meant ‘violation to animal rights’ not violence. sorry, it’s 2 am. lol

  14. found a youtube video of Joseph John Candare singing with the Himig Kalai. he’s the dark guy with glasses on the right side, as far as i know. if his choir only knew what a cat killer he is.

    description of youtube video:
    Himig Kalai is an all freshman choral group of UP Diliman students based in Kalayaan Residence Hall. The idea was conceived during the term of Ms. Alma Tirona as Dorm Manager with Rbee Mallari as Resident Assistant in Charge. The program’s aim was to help students hone their musical talents and boost their confidence before joining more established University-based singing groups. Thru the efforts and dedication of Mark David Alvarez, a talented freshman/resident in the Hall, the choir made its first appearance as an all female Chorus for the first Annual Kalayaan Christmas Production in 2006.
    Today, with Mark David Alvarez (2-BA Sociology) as Conductor, and Joseph Carlo Candare (1-BS Applied Physics) assisting, Himig Kalai has evolved into a serious group of talents whose passion and dedication for music is coming at par with the more established music organizations in UP Diliman.

  15. im just about to finish watching jessica soho report regarding a man who proudly killed the innocent cat…
    damn!!!, i cant help but all i can say about this issue is- NAKAKAAWA—-ung PUSA!!!

    what he did was definitely shit!!

    i hope that someday ung bubong ng bahay ng taong ito eh bumagsak mismo sa katawan nya habang natutulog!!

    even those UNEDUCATED people sa tingin ko eh hindi mapapantayan ang ginawa nya…sayang UP ka paman din!!!

  16. I agree with you. If his friends knew that he has been harming animals, they should’ve stopped him before it evolved into this big scandal. And now they are even protecting him (which is not that wrong, but still) even though they know what he has been doing is wrong. And one friend laughs at the very first comment.. (sigh)..

    But hey, that last one made me laugh pretty hard.

    ““Get off your high horse,” they say. Why? So that your friend can beat up the horse? ”

    hehehe! 😀

    Honestly, good one!! 😀

  17. i couldnt imagine myself doing such thing like what “cat killer” done!!…

    hello??,”KUTING” pa ata ang pinatulan nya???

    i understand him kung cockroach ang tinalunan nya pero hndi eh,..

    no matter what sorry pa ang sbihin nya i think, it seems to be useless already!!

    anyways; andito ndin ako “cnu ang pwede kong maging KAIBIGAN here??”hehehe, cat lover ako!!hehehe

  18. papatayin ko yang Joseph Carlo Candare na yan pag nakita ko siya sa daan. gagawin ko sa kanya yung ginawa niya sa kuting. humanda ka Joseph Carlo Candare.

  19. It may be just one kitten. And it may be just one person. But it’s supposedly a premier institution we’re talking about — an institution that imparts knowledge, skills and values, and is a training ground for how future leaders and movers of society are supposed to act when unleashed on the world.

    One act of violence against one small kitten by one youth from UP is like saying a site like Cherry Hill doesn’t have to worry about one additional tree being felled to accomodate just one more house. Do we wait for the proverbial straw to break the camel’s back?

    Mr. Candare obviously needs professional help. And we should send a message to those with similar violent tendencies that such impulses are unnatural and cannot go unchecked in our society. He is not a manly hunter out to provide for his family. It is simply a sadistic act! And he even had the gall to brag about it! Who knows where such behaviour will lead to? We cannot do anything about the kitten anymore. But we can do a lot for Mr. Candare, for others like him, and for their potential victims.

    Intervention is needed at this point…on many levels! The UP of yore didn’t need such petitions to act on supposedly “small” events such as this one, its leaders knew enough to act straightaway on events of value. I don’t think asking for disciplinary action from UP, and for laws provided in the animal welfare act to be enacted, would be blowing anything out of proportion. That’s the best way JC Candare can be helped. If he wants to move on from this tragic state of affairs, he should be the one asking for all these.

  20. Kamote si Joseph Candare. Bakit walang nagawa ang UP SSC sa kanya. Kailangan ay more than expulsion ang makuha niya. May mga weird ideas ako and stuff pero never humantong sa kagaya ng ginawa niya. And for all those na nag iinsist sa mga statements gaya ng ‘We still love you joseph’ , think well..kasi wala kayong measure ng moral values.

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  21. so he thinks his pathetic apology will let him go? I sure hope they charge his sorry ass and haul him to jail or fine him big time for the whole world to see. hope CNN picks it up and shows his face on TV.

    I love cats and pets. I will remember his name. Oh, I will never forget this person, this joseph carlo candare, ever. and he’s blogging to show off his “coolness” and attitude? I wish sweet karma on him, and often.

  22. hey, that person really needs attention and fast. judging from the blog article of the person, the person must have had consciously or unconsciously past bad experiences that explains those actions. sanctioning the person with punishment can provoke more negative feelings and worsen the status of the person. not being friends with the person will also force the person to be with the rejects of society thus increasing the negative feelings building up inside the person and further placing him in the society’s rejected people. i hope i made my point clear.

    Xycris´s last blog post..Test Driving a Sony DSC-W300

  23. GUYS! the monster posted his blog entry in 2009 and stiil NOTHING happened to him? no jail, no fine, nothing???? have you got no real MEN in that country to teach him a lesson??? Look what they did in Turkey to a guy who killed a cat: they made him a website, dedicated to his abomini\able act:; they put him to shame in the front of the entire country; no nobody wants to hire him, to date him …no one. Don’t wait for the police to act- do the same and make his life a nightmare!!!
    Why would you do this, for a kitten that belonged to no-one? this guy could do the same to YOU! it was scientifically proven that most people who abuse animals will abuse or kill, at some point, human beings as well!

  24. gagu, potang ina mo. grave kang pota ka.
    mamatay ka sana. ngaun mg mamakaawa ka na patawarin ka.?
    gagu tang ina mo. mamatay kanang pota ka. wala kang kwenta

  25. humanda k sakin pag nkita kita,ipapakain ko sau ang pusang pinatay mu!

  26. oh man you need help big time! can’t believe someone from respectable university will do horrible things like this.

  27. hey psycho… he can kill acat.. soon he can kill humans… go to hell.. i now its a cat pero may buhay din cla.. kun wala ka magawa try to beat ur self to death… psychopathic!

  28. Whatta gay, -.-|| Shame on you.

    Slam it like a pro wrestler huh?

    Pray I won’t see you on NIP

    I’ll slam your Effing Balls dude

    I swear.

  29. I heard on the news that this Joseph Cardare will volunteer for PAWS, starting today (May 14) and for the next two months. Hope you can also update us on the progress of his case. Let’s see if there is an impact on his character, being around so many cats and dogs. Because, in my opinion he is sick in the head, I think one need not be a psychiatrist to know this. I hope he is also seeking professional help, otherwise he will become a social problem in the future.

    1. I think one of the conditions of his very light punishment is for him to see a psychiatrist regularly. I will try to update my blog with updates on his case/progress/whatever. The kid really needs psychiatric care. He is a danger to society.

  30. It’s quite awkward that a University of the Philippines student did the cat killing. It’s indeed that his mother didn’t teach him the GMRC! Poor kid. Animals are worth living. I don’t come to think that one day, only people manage the world. That, what if animals are gone. As in humans is the only thing that exist? Haaaayyyyyy! To Joseph Carlo Candare, good luck for a future awaits you. 😛

  31. dapat sau..pasabugin yang ari mu..hayop ka!
    mamatay ka!

  32. Holy shit. Sira ulo ka JC. I don’t know you pero WTF. Sira talaga ang ulo mo, promise. Ang solid pa “nagsorry” ka nga, inamin mo namang balak mo ulitin. Grabe.

  33. Hi, Joseph Carlo Candare is a disgrace to all U.P. students. His parents should have taught him better. I was aghast by the what I heard and seen on th news. His father was more of his grades deteriorating than what he has done. OMG! I URGED HIS PARENTS TO WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS so they may realize that he is indeed on the path of being a Socio path and may even become a serial killer himself. I do not believe that he is capable of change in behavior or in his principles in life. I don’t want to elaborate more. You should read psychology books and as I’ve said try to watch criminal minds episodes so may understand a thing or two of his eccentric and killer-like behavior. IF I EVER SEE HIS PARENTS DEFENDING HIM, I WILL PROBABLY SAY…IT RUNS IN THE BLOOD…IT’S IN THEIR FAMILY’S GENES… 🙂

  34. hope.. what joseph’s done to the cat will be done unto him… i want to see joseph candare.. with crushed arm, amputated thighs, with his tongue cut, deaf ears, tear one of his kidney and right eyes pulled from it’s socket… of course i will not be happy but i will be contented to see justice is serve to it’s fullest…

  35. OK. I know that what he did is wrong. Pero people commenting on how they wish this boy is dead is sick. Lalo na yung mga “Oh pakita nyo sakin itong bata na ito and I will kill him!” Tapos may mga tao magsabi, “oh he’s gonna turn into a serial killer.” DUH, eh yung mga commentors nag exhibit din ng willingness to kill… kahit mag reason out pa kayo na, oh, it’s just a comment… Talaga lang! Come on, you say “Oh, may buhay din yung pusa blah blah blah.. pero you eat cows na sa India they consider holy. Then there are some culture who eat cats and dogs.

    Nag sorry na yung bata, I’m pretty sure that all the attention he’s gotten will make him think about how wrong his acts were. Give him a chance. Para kayong mga inosente na walang ginawang mali sa buhay nyo.

    And magagalit kayo sa comment ko because I’m pointing out something true. HAY mga tao talaga.. kahit saan parepareho.

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