Scenes from ToyCon 2010

I’ve never been to ToyCon, ComicCon, or whatever Con in the Philippines. You know, the ones with otakus, cosplayers, etc. The size of the crowd just turns me off. I made a decision to finally attend one this year because I’ve always been curious about those events and I have a fondness for toys (remember my Gloomy Bear and Nyan Nyan Nyanko obsessions?). When I was expressing my hesitation on Plurk, Azrael who is one of the organizers of the event said he will include me in the guest list. How can I say no after that? So I braved the traffic and headed to Megatrade Hall last Saturday afternoon. I was expecting a big crowd but it was still a shock to see and be next to so many bodies, sweaty bodies at that.

Collectibles Unlimited Association is the brain behind the annual ToyCon, a convention to promote interest in the collection and display of all types of comics, toys, movies, animation, games and related childhood memorabilia. Collectible Unlimited was formed in 2002 and they have been organizing comics and anime related events in Manila. They pioneered the customized action figure contest, cosplay group contest, Inter school Animation contest, Inter school comics creation contest, Toy Photography contest, Toy shows and exhibits, character creation contest, Battle of the tribute band contest, Fan film contest, Toy Designer contest, Cosplay Photography Contest, and Artists awards. The group is composed of 5 people: Vic Yap, Cholo Mallillin, Albert Lee, Lou Garcia and Azrael Coladilla. The other members of the association are composed of collectors, hobby shop owners, community groups and clubs.

This year’s two-day event is the penultimate gathering of true fans of everything related to comics, toys, pop culture, movies, cartoons, cosplay and gaming. This year, DC Comics took center stage with an abundance of DC character merchandising, guest artist panel and autograph-signing, fan trivia games and contests and a DC Comics 75th Year Power-Up! Superhero Challenge extreme sport area. Also this year, the new Animax Channel was launched, Mindstyle launched the exclusive Toycon Disney Toy Story Alien, there was Maxi Collector’s Otacool book signing with Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, cosplay competition, and of course, the exhibition floor filled with toys, collectibles, and pop-culture memorabilia.

It was a mind-blowing event for me. I was supposed to meet Fritz and Keysi but I gave up looking for them because of too many people. I still had fun browsing the exhibition floor alone. I couldn’t resist not buying some items there so I gave in and it was a blow to my budget. I was decided on not going back to an event like that next year but after writing this and looking at the photos I took, I am now thinking of going back.

To see the photos individually, visit my Toycon 2010 album on Flickr.

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  1. yey!!! toycon will be bigger next year
    you should not miss it..

    3 megatrade halls…. for two days next year

    tnx tnx for coming!

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