What makes me happy

I’m a happy-go-lucky person yet I also have clinical depression. Sometimes it takes little to make me happy but there are times when I find it so hard to even smile. So this post will be about the people who helps me smile no matter what I’m going through.

My family

My family is always there for me and they give me comfort when life is doubly hard. I may be a disappointment to them sometimes but I know that they still love and accept me.

Elmer and Midnight

My cats. I love them to bits even if they ignore me most of the time. Their presence comforts me especially if I am troubled and need comforting.


My friends. I love them and I’ll be lost without them. They make me laugh and they give great advice. They help me stay sane if I’m having troubles in other aspects of my life.

To my family, cats, and friends, thank you so much for making me happy and I’m so glad you all are a part of my life.

This is my answer to Get Lippie’s post.

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