Saying goodbye to NU 107.5

I went to NU on their last night on air. I came alone and was greeted by a big crowd which just got bigger as the end came nearer. It was a night of mixed emotions: mournful because of the death of a “loved one” but with a general feeling of solidarity for the love of the music and support for the radio station. There was also the delight in seeing old faces and making new friends. I was expecting a whole lot of tears from the people there but there were plenty of dry faces, maybe too many. I know they were also in pain. Maybe the bravado was just for show. I cried during the final song though. Ang Huling El Bimbo. It was the perfect ending song eventhough I was hoping for Enjoy The Silence. Somehow, the Eheads song captured everything.

candles because we mourn
me and Mich

some of the crowd
this is gone by now
idol Dong Abay, me, and my cousin Paul
me and Stephan

Kate and I
crowd outside the DJ's booth

More photos here.

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