Doggies’ Choice products and my cats

There are many pets in my household. Until a few months ago, we had gentle and affable Peanut but he passed away from old age and health complications. Now our household is full of cats but we’re planning to get a dog next year to fill Peanut’s void.

Last December 14, I was invited to attend an event for pet owners at Dolcelatte, a hip restaurant along Quezon Avenue. I braved the Holiday traffic and got there just in time. I was impressed with Dolcelatte’s design. Silly me forgot to take photos of the place. Too bad the event was held in a conference room inside.

The product showcased that night was the Doggies’ Choice brand. According to brand marketing head Kirk Chester Dy, Doggies’ Choice makes sure that the clinically-tested formulations they use are non-toxic, herbal and nature-based as much as possible. A lot of Doggies’ Choice products have madre de cacao which is Mother Nature’s insecticide. It’s an effective treatment against mange, fleas and ticks. Other ingredients the brand makes use of are guava, aloe vera, jojova, sulphur, BPMC-Carbamate, and FENOBUCARB BPMC.

Doggies’ Choice has three lines: Tick and Flea, Anti-Mange, and Herbal 3 in 1. The Tick and Flea line consists of a soap, shampoo and powder, a complete system to eradicate the dreaded tick and flea parasites. The Anti-Mange also comes in soap and shampoo forms. Herbal 3 in 1 is for maintenance and continuous protection from ticks, fleas and mange. It comes in soap and shampoo as well.

Once the pet is tick, flea or mange-free, the pet owner needs to disinfect the habitat to kill the remaining pests. Pet owners often make the mistake of ignoring this step and this leads to the recurrence of parasites. Doggies’ Choice has a product to sanitize the pet’s surroundings. The PetHouse Cleanser has a special, non-hazardous formulation consisting of menthol and BPMC-Carbamate that eliminates bacteria, fungi and parasites. It also repels egg-laying mosquitoes and kills other house pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes and even mice.

I asked if I can use the products on my cats. Mr. Dy said only the Anti-Mange line has been tested for other animals. This is still good news because my cat Elmer is a mangy cat. Yuck. I will throw him the Anti-Mange line for his next bath. The other products,  I will save for the future dog unless I get an email from Doggies’ Choice saying I can use them for the cats.

Doggies' Choice presentation
Mr. Kirk Chester Dy (left)
Some of Doggies' Choice products
Me and DIKU, Doggies' Choice mascot

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  1. Hi! Where can i buy these products? I wanna use them for my 3 shit szus and 2 labradors. Thanks

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