Meet My New Cats!

I bought a kitten from Tiendesitas last Saturday. I admit it was an impulsive buy but the kitten became attached to me so soon and she’s so sweet and cuddly that I couldn’t just leave her there. So I now present to you Baby Bebop. She was born last August 29, 2010 and she’s Persian.

Baby Bebop
She's a frisky kitty!
She has a cute face!

I guess mom got jealous because I have a new cat so last Monday, she went to Tiendesitas and ended up buying herself a Persian cat. She named him George but I call him Mr. George. He’s gentle but not frisky unlike Baby Bebop. I don’t know when he was born.

Mr. George
he's a handsome cat

Of course, the older kitties (Elmer, Vyolette, and Midnight) were jealous of the two. All are still trying to adjust to another.

Kitties, welcome to your new home. We love you very much. We love the older kitties very much too 😀

2 thoughts on “Meet My New Cats!

  1. LOL @ Mr. George’s eyes in the last pic. XD; he’s like ‘what are you doing???’

    They’re such cute kittens. ^^

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