My cats love silver vine

I only learned about silver vine recently when mom bought a couple of scratch pads for cats. They came with little sachets of silver vine. The cats became crazy over it! At that time I thought silver vine is the same as catnip so I bought a bottle of catnip which my cats just ignored. Little buggers. The catnip was expensive! So I googled silver vine and here’s what wikipedia says about it.

In Japan, Actinidia polygama (silver vine) is noted for having an effect on cats much like that of catnip. It is mentioned in the saying 猫にまたたび、女郎に小判 (neko ni matatabi, jorō ni koban, “Silver vine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute”), meaning to put someone in a good mood by providing that which they most desire.

Actinidia polygama (also known as Silver Vine and Cat Powder) is a non-toxic[1] plant in the Actinidiaceae family. It grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and China at elevations between 500–1900 meters.

Silver Vine has long been known to elicit euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia, particularly in Japan and China. The reaction to Silver Vine is similar to the catnip response, but appears to be more intense. Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. The effect usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes and cats will usually visit Silver Vine again after about 20–30 minutes.

Ugh. Silver vine is so rare! I want to buy a big bottle but that’s almost impossible here. If you know a place which sells it, please let me know. Ryan said that Saizen sells a small box of it and I have to check it out. If I can’t find it there, my only hope is to buy lots of it when I go to Japan this April.

Here are some videos I took of my cats lolling on silver vine.

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