Are we fashion forward?

I don’t understand why people are angry at Tricia. What she said is true. There are exceptions but mostly they belong to the magazine and fashion industry but the masses are not fashion forward. Nothing wrong with that either especially since a big portion of the population are worrying about where to get the money to buy for food and shelter. Fashion is the last thing on their minds.

I don’t know Tricia but based on her blog photos, I’m guessing people reacted violently because she’s not THAT fashion forward. In fact, she’s very safe when it comes to fashion.

3 thoughts on “Are we fashion forward?

  1. Tricia, looks good and know how to dress but, indeed, not fashion forward. I agree, maybe that is why Pinoy fashionistas are offended.

  2. I don’t see what the fuss is about, but I think her ‘fashion’ doesn’t look Japanese-inspired to me. At all.

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