Wall decals and my newly renovated room

I recently suffered the pains of having my room renovated. It was so stressful that I even had panic attacks. To have peace of mind, I checked myself in to some affordable hotels for a couple of nights. Well, they were still expensive but at least I was able to rest rather than bunk in with my sister in her room.

My room is more organized now and I have more space. It’s still a work in progress because I can’t afford to shell out money for decor and furniture in one go. Here are some photos which I just took in case you want to see how my room looks now. I was looking for cool posters for my room and I ended up finding these awesome decals.

The vinyl wall stickers come in 1 set which I bought ages ago from Saizen. It only cost me P85 but I know a Multiply seller who sells vinyl stickers for P500 to P1,000 a set. There’s an exact set like this so mine is a big bargain. Unfortunately, I don’t see stickers in Saizen anymore. I might be mistaken though. If they’re still available, please tell me.

The wall cabinet for my clothes and entertainment is new and made from scratch. The ones with my books and plushies are old. They go well together but the old cabinets look more matte.

My bedroom overlooks our living room. The capiz windows are new but I need to paint it black. From the outside, the brown window goes well with the living room design but it looks ugly in my room.

I had to add another color to my scheme to appease my mom. I decided on periwinkle and I’m planning to paint arabesque patterns later on over the periwinkle.

The messiest part of my room is my window seat. Mom thinks it looks like a coffin. Sheesh. The cushion will be periwinkle but it’s still being made. The mess on top of it at the moment will have to go. The curtains also need to look nicer. I’ll get a different chair, not a computer chair definitely. Jack Skellington will remain.

5 thoughts on “Wall decals and my newly renovated room”

  1. Love how the renovated room looks! Those wall decals are sweet. I didn’t know Saizen sold them!

  2. The walls looks nice with those decorative artwork. I agree with your opinion about the capiz window

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