I want to go to a Midnight Masquerade

Yes I do. And I want to wear this mask made by Katrina Pallon, the lady behind the Midnight Masquerade masks.


Crimson Rose


This masks has so many elements which I love, the feathers, roses, and the dangling metal disks. I love the complexity of this mask and you really can get lost behind it. I mean, that’s the purpose of masks, right? To hide, to present a character other than ourselves. If I wear this to the Jareth Ball I’m sure everyone will notice me, or the mask, or both (?)…it doesn’t matter what gets noticed because the point is anyone who wears this will be beautiful.

I will be beautiful.

This is my official entry for the Midnight Masquerade contest. Please help me win my dream mask by liking Midnight Masquerade and liking my entry in the Wall.