Mare urine and Estrogens

"Dapple Mare and Fowl" by Ruane Manning

I’m reading Chuck Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monsters” and I’m in the part when the main character encountered Premarin and said it stands for PREgnant MARe uRINe. Well that made me stop. So I looked it up online and indeed the pills are made from pregnant mares’ urine.

I remember my mom getting Premarin patches. I think there are Premarin pills and other types and thank goodness she doesn’t ingest them. Still, I doubt my mom knows what Premarin really is! Why would anybody take mare urine?! Even if the urine came from the cleanest animal on earth I wouldn’t want it. Bloody hell, science! For a while there I thought I was the one prescribed some Premarin pills. Good thing it was mom…



I asked mom earlier if she’s aware that her Premarin is made from urine and it turns out that she is. She said she also took them in pill form. Ugh.

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