Music I’m digging at the moment

I just found out about LA-born Kreayshawn from HighSnobette. I’m usually not into hip hop but Kreayshawn is super catchy and I love her fashion.

She reminds me of Amy Winehouse, hip hop version though.

I also like her friend V-NASTY

She looks so high in that video. These white girls can rap!

And then there’s Nicki Minaj who I only found out because of the MAC lipstick. Look at how small her waist is!

With Annie Lennox sampling

There’s also trashy K$sha. Who wouldn’t love her?!

To balance things out, I adore Oh Land especially this video.

One thought on “Music I’m digging at the moment”

  1. Kreayshawn is pretty sick. She’s got a good hip hop attitude and I used to live in the Bay Area and so I like all of the people who come out of the bay. ie E40, Keak, etc


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