Uniqlo to open in Mall of Asia

Yes you read that right. A small snippet in Philippine Star Online mentioned that Uniqlo will finally open in the Philippines.

Uniqlo, a Japanese retailing fave, is definitely opening at the SM Mall of Asia next year. Meanwhile, followers of H&M are still waiting for a Philippine branch to happen.


I looked at Uniqlo’s website but there was no mention of a future Philippine branch. I hope Philippine Star’s source is reliable. I have lots of friends who are big fans of Uniqlo. I’m not but I haven’t really explored Uniqlo when I was in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We already have a Muji here and I still haven’t bought anything there. I find them too expensive for very simple products.

4 thoughts on “Uniqlo to open in Mall of Asia”

  1. Wohoo! How exciting. I like Uniqlo. I love the quality of their shirts even though it seems a little expensive. They have some nice shirts with designs from anime and other Japanese designers. Layo lang nga ng MoA hehe. Thanks for the update!

  2. Was so lucky to be in BKK when they opened their biggest store yet (hearsay) last Sept 9. I like their plain shirts and hoodie jackets. Price is near half that of Zara’s. I won’t say the quality of the hoodie’s at par with Z because they’re not. At that price point, however, it’s worth the price. Unlike F21. That abomination of a store LOL

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