My teeth are A-OK says Dr. Karla Domingo

A few weeks ago, I was invited to K Dental Studio which is owned and operated by Dr. Karla Domingo. I immediately noticed the lovely spa-like interior which is a far cry from the dental clinics I’ve been to. I’m not scared of going to dentists. In fact, I tend to fall asleep during procedures. However, I know that providing a comfortable atmosphere will put patients at ease.

K Dental Studio’s waiting area

As you can see from the photo above, it looks more like a nail pampering salon than a waiting area. As Dr. Karla Dominguez explained later to us, her philosophy is to offer a more personal and long-term approach to dental care and patient-dentist relationship. People usually think of going to their dentist when they are already in pain or when they remember that they need cleaning. Dr. Karla wants to change this mindset by offering more of a lifestyle center than a clinic. With a more hands-on and personal approach and by keeping in constant touch with patients/clients, the hesitancy of visiting the doctor will be lessened thereby preventing tooth problems which otherwise might be too late to fix.

Dr. Karla Domingo explaining her approach to dentistry
A couple of Dr. Karla’s diplomas and certificates

Dr. Karla Domingo graduated from University of the Philippines’ College of Dentistry in 2007 and went to University of Alabama for per post-graduate studies. She specializes in implant surgery and clinical dentistry. She is also a member of the Philippine Dentist Association and keeps up to date with the latest in dentistry by attending seminars and symposium.

Before teeth inspection

I got a chance to have my pearly whites inspected by the doctor and the general assessment is they are fine. I was up to a general cleaning when I went there but Dr. Karla said my teeth are healthy but I should change the way I brush them because I put too much pressure on my gums. She then taught me the proper way to brush and floss.

The Doctor and me

To know more about K Dental Studio and its services, visit and its Facebook Page which Dr. Karla constantly updates.