My favorite Dr. Who Etsy finds

I’m a Dr. Who fan. I want to buy official Dr. Who merchandise but they’re too damn expensive. I’ve been looking in Etsy for nice Dr. Who items and there are a lot. They’re cheaper too so I can afford some of them. Here are my favorites.

10th Doctor Plush ($25) from telahmarie


TARDIS purse in poly leather ($250) from LIMOchi – thanks to Larry for this link

Dalek vinyl wall decor ($38) from WondrousWallArt

TARDIS felt plush ($75) from TheHouseOfMouse

River Song’s Diary ($45) from Taeliac Studio

TARDIS and Two Hearts Gold Necklace with Matching Earrings ($35) from TheBotShoppe

TARDIS sculpted earrings with crystals ($30) from TheBotShoppe

TARDIS felt bag ($185) from krukrustudio

TARDIS Kindle Case / Kindle 2 Case /Nook Color / Kobo Case ($35) from TheCuriousCaseLLC

Police Box Wristlet ($39) from RachelWhiteArt

TARDIS cat house ($75) from JennasRedRhino

TARDIS apron ($58) from Jordandene


3 thoughts on “My favorite Dr. Who Etsy finds”

  1. LIKE! My favorites are the TARDIS purse, TARDIS felt plush, and River Song’s notebook.

    Oh I like this font you have here too. <3

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