I’ve returned to His flock

After being Pagan for more than a decade, I’m a practicing Roman Catholic again. You might be wondering why I turned back to God. You may call me a sheep but what’s wrong with that? Sheep are cute!


There’s no complicated story here. I’ve been a prepper since mid last year but I was prepping for a devastation of the physical nature. I saw that times are really changing for the worse and I was (still am) sure that a disaster of a catastrophic proportion will occur in the near future. Remember Typhoon Ondoy? Well something like that, or maybe more. So I started building up my bug-out-bag and stocking up on food, water, etc. I tried to stay informed by reading alternative news sites (commonly known as conspiracy theory nuts but I disagree with that derogatory image) such as Info Wars and Vigilant Citizen and these kept me up to date to some of the schemes of the diabolical New World Order (NWO). I read the Left Behind series, a fictional series about the Second Coming, a few years back and although NWO was talked about in the book, I decided not to dwell on the Second Coming. It was too scary to think about, I thought. I decided back then that if, like what happened in the book, the sudden disappearance of hundreds of true believers of Christ happens, that’s when I will turn back to God and just hope that it’s not too late. Well I returned sooner than I thought.

After being out of touch with a friend, we happened to discover that both of us were preparing. The only difference between our preps was that she was also prepping her soul. I listened and digested what she shared with me like the prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy and other miracles like the one in Lourdes, Akita, Garabandal, Padre Pio, etc. They shared the same messages but lived in different times so that made me think even more. Before I met up with that friend I’ve been praying the lovely rosary I bought from the Vatican from this year’s trip but perhaps those prayers made a difference in my perspective.

I used to detest talks about religion but that night I listened. A night’s conversation didn’t instantly turn me back, no miracle happened. I just began to connect the dots. Maria Divine Mercy talks about the plans of the New World Order and I am SURE they exist. I was already prepping so I thought why not also do some prepping for my soul. It took weeks of thinking, praying, reading, and soul searching until I finally went to confession. It was only that night that I felt God’s presence again. There was no flash boom bang but I knew he forgave my sins. I knew I needed to reconnect to God but didn’t know exactly how even if I went to a Catholic school for 11 years. I went on a 3-day retreat somewhere in Quezon City and during those days, I felt his presence more. It wasn’t a lot yet, my heart was rock hard, but the calcification was chipping away because of Jesus’ help.

I have a looooooong way to go. I am and will always be a sinner but I’m trying my best to follow God’s Will through the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It’s not easy. I think a lot of my friends will make fun of me after they read this entry but I don’t care anymore, but I will still pray for them. I want to stand up for what I believe in and one of those beliefs is that Judgement Day is near and that we should turn back to God in order to enter His Kingdom. I have to let go of certain luxuries and desires (like getting a tattoo) because none of those would matter during the Retribution. I still have so much to learn but I’m being guided a little. Mostly I rely on fate and faith.

If you are stuck in between but are already thinking about how the world is, pray to Jesus to have your eyes opened and for the gift of discernment if you have doubts about the prophets/visionaries you read. Who knows, maybe you will hear Jesus’ answer.


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