Bowels of pain


I’ve been having bowel movement problems ever since I went to Baguio. I don’t know what started it. For a while I thought I was eating too much fiber which can cause hard bowels painful to expel. When I went back to Manila, the painful bowel remained. I usually have LBM so constipation is a new thing to me. Well I thought it was constipation but it seems like my lower intestine tries to expel even when there is nothing to expel anymore. It’s baffling but I started drinking and eating whatever gave me the runs before and it worked for a time. Yesterday the nonexistent poop is at it again and my lower intestine keeps on trying to expel it. I now spend an hour in the loo because of this and my anus is in pain. It even bleeds sometimes. So I went to the ER, hoping they can figure out what is going on but the doctor just gave me a hemorrhoid ointment to ease the pain and she told me to make an appointment with a Gastro doctor. So here I am, it’s past 3 AM and my anus is still very painful. I was supposed to make a presentation for my little business but my anus won’t have none of that. So I’m in pain, sad, and cursing my bowels.