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Suicide and Depression

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

(I started this post last Sunday and the show aired last November 6, 2011.)

While getting my much-needed (home service) massage, I watched last night’s episode of “Cheche Lazaro Presents.” The topic was on suicide. It was my first time to watch Lazaro’s show which is still similar to her former “Probe Team.”

Tonight’s topic hits close to home. Those who read my blog from when it started know my struggles with depression. I made most of the old entries about the topic private ever since I began making friends with people from Plurk and my online life drifted to real life. I decided I need more privacy so I hardly blog about personal matters anymore. The show made me break that though because I have a lot to say on the topic.

The first segment was about a family with 6 siblings, 4 of whom committed suicide. I was shocked that such situations exist in our country. I believe the depression in the said family is genetic…or they might be victims of kulam. I think it’s more of genetics though. The daughter of one of the siblings suffers from depression as well and she mentioned that she warned her friends that if they don’t hear anything from her within 3 days, they should try to contact her family or find her because she might have committed suicide. She wants to heal but it’s something she couldn’t control. She regularly sees a psychiatrist at that. I’m envious of her because of the open communication in her family and she has her friends as support group for her depression. We talk in my family but not about very personal matters. And my depression is often ignored here. As for friends, I have them naman but most are acquaintance or the friendship isn’t very deep. I only have a few close friends and one of them is mad at me and I don’t really understand why. It’s good that I am surrounded by people now but I often wish I am more sociable so I will have more friends. I also wish I could count on more people during bad times because most of the people I hang out with, we hang out just to have fun. I don’t mean any offense and I’m sorry if the wording sounds like I’m an ingrate but I really need people I could call when I’m down.

The next segment was about about a community in Palawan, the Kulbi people, who has a different look on suicide. For the Kulbi people, suicide is natural and not a result of depression. Almost every family in Kulbi has a member or a relative who has committed suicide. They committed it either to save face, to ease burden on the family, they didn’t get what they want, or because of love matters. Surprisingly, those left behind see the act as a source of pride, even heroic. Here is where you might think I’m really a nut case. I envy their community. I want to be able to choose how I die. I even admire those who have committed them because suicide is hard to do. It takes a lot of courage and guts of steel, contrary to people’s notion that it’s a coward’s way out. Believe me, I’ve tried a few times in the past but I didn’t have the courage to do it right. In the segment, there’s a Christian teacher who wants to change beliefs of the Kulbi people. She wants them to learn that suicide is bad, that it’s against her God’s teachings. But the Kubli people aren’t Christian and although they are very poor, they seemed satisfied, even happy most of the time. I really hate that woman who wants to impose her Western ideas on the poor community. Not all of them think of suicide, it just so happens that a large number who do. But what’s wrong with that? Why change if the people are content and have a different view on death? The government needs to give the Kulbi people more financial and educational support but should leave their beliefs alone!

The next segment was an interview with the mother of Natasha Goulbourn, a pretty and privileged girl who committed suicide because of depression. The mother ignored the signs of depression manifesting in her daughter. In the end, Natasha took her life at such a young age. The mother, Jean, has come to terms with what happened and has founded the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation whose aim is to spread awareness on the disease as well as to prevent more suicides from happening. I’ve read about the foundation before and I commend them for their efforts. The country needs more organizations/foundations such as hers.

The last interview was with an eccentric man whose depression manifested when he was in 3rd year college. Mine was officially diagnosed when I was in 3rd year college, the time when I had my first breakdown. But I’ve known that something was wrong with me when I was still in grade school. The eccentric man narrated that he always thinks about suicide but never actually tried. He also mentioned that he attends Mood Harmony (or whatever it is called) which is a regular gathering of doctors and depressives and they talk about whatever they want to share. I think I want to attend the gathering, just to see what it’s all about and if it could help me.

My depression has been with me ever since I can remember but I’m more stable now. I’m not sure if my psychiatrist is the right one for me but at least the medicines seem to work. I also try to go out regularly with friends and do projects/hobbies, anything to occupy my mind. I still find it very hard to sleep but I’m pretty much “normal” lately.

I commend Cheche Lazaro for doing a show on suicide and depression but I wish it was shown during prime time. People need to be aware of this disease. Normal people just see depression as pag-iinarte or that it will go away just be being positive and thinking happy thoughts. I wish that were the case. Depression is hard to beat alone, it’s almost impossible to beat without the help of medical professionals. Positive thinking is easy to say but for depressives, it’s next to impossible to do. You see, those who are having depressive episodes have little energy. We/they are very sensitive to the littlest emotions and there is a tunnel vision of me against the world. Most see it as selfishness but that is not the case at all. The tunnel vision and the heightened emotions cannot be controlled without external help. It is easier to just follow the downward spiral and not fight the depression. Suicide is not an easy way out, contrary to society’s opinion. Suicide is very hard to do. Believe me. I’ve been there several times. It takes courage and iron will to successfully do it. I honestly admire those who have done it successfully because I can’t. I know this is so taboo but that’s how I really feel about the issue. I want to be able to choose how I will die and maybe when I feel I’m ready, even if I’m not depressed at that time, but I feel that it’s the right time to go, I hope I will have the courage to do it. I don’t think what I just said has anything to do with my depression. It’s just the way I think.

The impoverished who suffer from this disease are really victims here. Seeing a psychiatrist and the cost of medicines are very expensive. Very very expensive. The poor’s only hope is through a few foundations, maybe their religion, and the National Mental Hospital which is full to the brim and couldn’t accommodate or entertain all sufferers. And what about the sick who doesn’t live in Imperial Manila? Where can they go for help? There should be more help available for those who want to be healed. At least the show is a good start because they made people aware of the disease and that it’s manageable. This problem should be tackled during prime time though, not when Philippines is asleep and the channel needs a filler for late airtime.

fell down the stairs

Depression and Presidency

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

A few days ago, a psychiatric report on Senator Benigno Aquino III started circulating on the internet. The report, which was dated February 10, 1996, stated that the young Aquino was having depression and disassociation. It also indicated that he experimented with Marijuana and other pills. The report violates doctor-patient confidentiality. Regardless, the document has been proven to be fake.

Even if Senator Aquino had depression, he doesn’t have it anymore. And in case he does, so what? I have depression and I live normally. My mental faculties are intact. I can make sound decisions. The bottom-line is I can still function.

The black propaganda allegedly masterminded by the Nationalista Party is so rotten and I take this personally. They are perpetuating the myth that people who seek psychiatric help are nut-jobs. What they did has resulted to more stigma against Filipinos suffering from depression and other mental health problems. It’s like we’re back in the dark ages. Psychiatry and psychology are more progressive now when it comes to diagnoses and treatments that maybe the person sitting next to you has a mental problem but you are not aware of it because the treatment he’s taking is working.

That’s what we strive for, a life of normalcy. So I have to stand up against this abominable act, all for the sake of politics, because this has done more damage than they are even aware of!

Maybe I should form a party-list to defend people suffering from mental disorders.

My Nightmare Experience With Kinohost

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

I wrote this a long time ago (forgot when but prolly a year or two) but will only publish it now after I was able to transfer my company’s domain from them. I am posting this to warn potential victims. Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware. When a deal looks too good to be true then it might not be a good deal at all.

In case you don’t know, I have another blog called Mukhang Pera which is where I blog about contests, ways to make money, promos, sales, etc. I transferred the webhosting of the blog to Kinohost early this year since it’s cheap and was recommended by a friend. At first, their service was so-so. I don’t know why I’m not getting notifications when the owner, Jon Towns, replies to my support tickets. I suspect he wasn’t able to configure the account he made for me properly. I let it pass but I should have paid attention that it’s a bad sign of Kinohost’s service.

Since I didn’t update Mukhang Pera often back then, I didn’t notice anything wrong until I saw replies to some blog posts and I never received email notifications which WordPress sends when I get comments. I submitted a support ticket. I tried to wait patiently for support’s reply. Weeks passed and I was never contacted so I emailed Jon directly. It took him weeks to reply and while waiting and getting more and more annoyed, I googled him and Kinohost. That’s when I found out how bad the situation is. According to this blog post and the replies, Jon is 15-years old and he doesn’t know shit about running a server. Besides Kinohost, he runs Parade Hosting and who knows what else. He always comes up with lame excuses when he finally gets back to his clients. What’s worse is that if a client criticizes him, Jon will ban him. I couldn’t believe what I was reading at that time! In the meantime, I tried to fix my email problems blindly. I installed some scripts and fortunately, I was able to get Mukhang Pera to send emails. I began to take my blog seriously and updated regularly.

When Jon finally replied to my email, he said that he was sick with bird flu and that it was bad so he wasn’t able to get back at me fast. I’m 99% sure that’s just an excuse but I didn’t tell him I know but I didn’t acknowledge his sickness either when I replied, telling him about the email problem. The jerk never replied back. I figured I might as well keep blogging since I don’t know how to make him attend to my needs.

A couple of days ago, I was getting CURL errors when I try posting. I configured Mukhang Pera to auto-post on Twitter and Plurk when I publish a blog post. I make scheduled blog posts and I need Twitter and Plurk to announce updates because I get most of my blog traffic from there. I submitted a support ticket about the CURL problem and just like I expected, no reply. I just got so sick and tired of Kinohost so I transferred the domain to and purchased web space with which hosts this blog. Unfortunately for me, the email Jon used as administrator contact is his email. The transfer procedure email from godaddy gets sent to the administrator email so I still need Jon to fix it. I was fuming over this and decided that I would file a lawsuit against Kinohost. I emailed Jon, telling him to keep the money but approve the domain transfer. I also told him that if I don’t hear from him within 48 hours, I will resort to more drastic measures. My friend who recommended Kinohost also messaged him. Well that worked. He changed the email to mine. Then I was finally able to transfer my website.

I was able to find a good webhost after Kino but that too turned out to be a nightmare. I’m with Host Gator now. So far so good but who knows, right?

Justice for Maguindanaoans

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

The politically-motivated killings that happened in Maguindanao yesterday is truly deplorable. We only used to read about such brutality. We condemned mass killings but we were detached and grateful that we aren’t the ones experiencing it. However, it is now in our turf and cannot be denied. The massacre is an eye-opener in how bad the situation is in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) region and the realities of political clans and warlords.

Based on the most recent reports, a group composed of unarmed media people and women were on their way to the COMELEC to file for Esmael Mangudadatu’s Certificate of Candidacy when a hundred or so heavily-armed men abducted them. Later that day, not less than thirty brutally murdered bodies of those belonging to the group were discovered, including the wife of Esmael Mangudadatu. Some were raped, some were beheaded, some were hastily buried in a mass grave, and some are still unaccounted for. It is alleged that the armed men are under the employ of Maguindanao Governer Andal Ampatuan and that the Mangandadatu is his political rival. There is no solid evidence yet to implicate Ampatuan but the fact that he cannot be found and that he did not do anything after the crime hit the news are suspect.

After reading and watching news about the incident, I am left with some questions.

  1. Why does Esmael Mangandadatu appear emotionless after all that has happened?
  2. Will the government punish the Ampatuans even if they are party-mates and that they played a big role in securing the Maguindanao votes in the past presidential election?
  3. How will the COMELEC ensure that there will be an election there?
  4. How will the government protect the citizens of Maguindanao?
  5. Who will attempt to run against known warlords or political plans?

The atrocious crime is not just an act against a rival clan. The extent of the gruesomeness is an act against women, journalists, the political system, democracy and Filipinos. Whoever is behind it deserves a punishment worse than death.


Are relief goods from abroad gathering dust in DSWD warehouse?

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

@mmeyma on Twitter brought to my attention a terribly disturbing news. blogged about how the relief goods being coursed through DSWD are just stuck in the warehouse. If what Ella said is true, the victims still haven’t received the donations from abroad. I’m trying my best to get the news verified but is now down and I think it’s important to spread this information as soon as possible. I was fortunate enough to be able to access her blog earlier and was able to screencap the entire entry.

click to go to large image

click to go to large image

Feel free to repost the photo. Much better if you can back it up in your computer.

UPDATE 1 is online again and her response to news networks.


Try as she might, Cabral can’t even deny that the goods are still there. She is just digging herself deeper into the muck especially with her literal interpretation of “rotting”. Trying to be cute or running out of excuses. Another thing, if DSWD is really planning to distribute the goods to the possible victims of Typhoon Ramil she should have sent the goods to Northern Luzon by now. Wag nga tayong gawing tanga! They keep on coming up with lame excuses. If they wanted volunteers, many of us are more than willing to help. Yet there was hardly a peep about the need for volunteers when they have so many resources for letting the public know. Wala lang talagang pakialam ang DSWD at ang gobyerno.


Some friends of mine dropped by earlier at the DSWD warehouse in pasay city. This was the warehouse along chapel st. The press release was that relief ops were currently ongoing at full speed but this was not the case, at least this was not what my friends witnessed upon alighting the vehicle at the gate of the DSWD warehouse. They were hardly welcomed by the guard assigned at that gate. This was how the conversation more or less went.

friend #1: San ang warehouse para sa relief operations para sa volunteers?
guard: Dyan (pointing vaguely somewhere or at something which they could hardly make out)
friend#1: Gusto namin mag volunteer, san kami pupunta?
guard: Ah, punta kayo sa kabilang gate pero wala ng volunteers ngayon, umalis na at kakaalis lang ng 3 truck dala ang relief goods papuntang region 1 and 2.
friend#2: Marami bang volunteers pumunta dito kanina?
guard: Oo, madami.
friend#2: Ano sila? Puro estudyante?
guard: Oo, mga 200 sila.
friend#2: Ano? Mga elementary students ba to? (feigning ignorance at the kind of volunteers that shows up)
guard: Hindi, mga college students to, mga taga-PMI.
friend#2: Anong oras ba nagsisimula at natatapos?
guard: Sa umaga, tapos natatapos kahit anong oras sa gabi.
friend#2: Kahit anong oras? So bakit sabi mo tapos na ngayon at di na pwede mag volunteer?
guard: Nagsisimula minsan sa umaga tapos hanggang alas-9 or 10 or hanggang 11pm.
friend#2: So san nga kami pupunta kung pwede pala hanggang 11pm?
guard: punta kayo sa kabilang gate

They then moved along to the other gate nearby. The other gate was not as welcoming as the first since it was just a iron gate that didnt even have a knocker on it. However, they could see through its sides that there was a guardhouse nearby and they started calling the attention of whoever was there since they could hear the radio playing from the other side of the gate. After several seconds of persistent knocking and guard calling, a sando-wearing disoriented-looking guard finally opened the gate.

friend#1: Dito kami tinuro ng guard sa kabilang gate para mag volunteer sa relief operations.
guard: Ha? Anong balak nyong gawin? San kayong grupo?
friend#1: Sa RockEd kame. Gusto namin sana makita ang warehouse para sa volunteer work.
guard: Ah balik na lang kayo bukas, kse sarado na ang warehouse.
friend#1: Bakit di pwede tingnan, sabi sa balita na pwede kami mag volunteer kaya nga nandito kami eh tapos sasabihin mo sarado?
guard: Sarado na kse nag lo loading ngayon dun ng relief goods.
friend#1: Eh bakit sinabi mo sarado kung may loading pala nangyayari dun.
guard: Ano ba balak nyo? Di pwede dito ng coverage. Di pwede tumingin lang, kailangan mag volunteer.
friend#1: Sige, pero gusto namin tingnan para lam namin kung pano magbigay ng instructions sa ibang volunteers pero since ayaw mo lang na tumingin kme, mag vovolunteer na din kami ngayon na.
guard: Magbubuhat kayo ng carton?
friend#1: Hindi, magre repack kami.
guard: Bakit gusto nyo lang tingnan?
friend#1: Sinabi na nga namin mag vo volunteer na nga kami kse ayaw mo na tumingin lang kami eh. Lam mo ba na wala kaming problema na makita ang relief goods sa red cross at sa abs-cbn kahit late na ng gabi? Sikreto ba ang location ng sardinas?
guard: (already pissed off) Bakit paulit-ulit ang sinasabi mo?
friend#1: Bakit nga? Anong problema talga? Talgang sikreto nga ang taguan ng sardinas?
guard: akin na ID mo.
friend#1: eto.
guard: (went away for a few minutes and returned with the ID)
friend#1: So ano?
guard: Balik na lang kayo bukas ng umaga.
friend#1: Anong oras ba talga relief ops dito? Meron ba kanina?
guard: Oo meron, mga 50 lang na estudyante.
friend#2: 50 lang? Pano sila makaka repack ng marami para sa 3 trucks?
guard: (irked again, maybe he was irked of how stupid his answers were.) Bukas na lang kayo bumalik kse walang advise sa amin sa ganitong oras ng pag volunteer.
friend#1: Eh bakit sabi sa amin ng isang guard minsan hanggang 11pm or hanggang gabi talga ang repacking? Anong oras ba talga nagsisimula at natatapos?
guard: basta bukas sa umaga tapos hanggang hapon o gabi.
friend#1: anong pangalan mo?
guard: bukas na lang.
friend#1: Bakit ayaw mo ibigay pangalan mo? Di ba sa gobyerno ka nagtratrabaho? Kinuha mo ID ko, alam mo pangalan ko tapos ayaw mo ibigay pangalan mo sa akin?
guard: (hesitated and stalled) Jay Lou Sadaya
friend#1: Jay Lou Sadaya? Jay Lou Sadaya?
guard: (nodding)
friend#2: sige babalik kami bukas.

Obviously, the accounts of both guards who are expected to be abreast of existing relief operations, (if they existed at all) or if they really are ongoing, should’ve been aware of the schedules and protocols of the activity itself. They should’ve been accommodating instead of being suspicious or consumed with such paranoia at the sight of volunteers or people wanting to volunteer. But again, this wouldn’t have happened at all had the government really meant that THERE REALLY WERE ONGOING RELIEF OPERATIONS at the site since the place did not give the impression of a warehouse bustling with activity at all. If that’s what they call Ongoing Relief Operations, then we now know why our country is still languishing in no relief hell. It’s because our government has always been doing what it does best, pay lip service to those who really need it. Great job GMA, Gibo and Cabral! Now please, don’t be surprised anymore if more people wonder why there seems to be a lack in relief goods being sent to those who really need it, the answer is plain and simple, it’s coz there is no sense of urgency and the relief goods can take all the time they want in the DSWD warehouse. By the way, the location of sardines and whatever relief goods there are seems to be classified information.


Gang Badoy was able to arrange with Sec. Cabral to allow volunteers to hasten the repacking of relief goods in the warehouse. If you want to be a volunteer, sign up here. I’m sure a LOT of volunteers are needed. Just look at the photos from ella’s blog.


Check out Bayanihan Online’s timeline of events of what happened yesterday. Since this issue isn’t over, I’m pretty sure that the blog post will be constantly updated.

Shame on you, Paypal! SHAME ON YOU!

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

I just read Tonyo Cruz’s blog entry about Paypal’s discrimination against the Philippines and other countries in our region. Tonyo Cruz is the man behind and he unselfishly used his paypal account so people outside the country may donate to aid the victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). Paypal Pte Ltd of Singapore handles Paypal Philippines and neighboring countries’. Paypal froze his account as well as the one Mike Villar set up for They did so despite knowing full well that the accounts were for donations and despite Cruz and Villar’s submitted proofs. Let me highlight some of the contents of his post.

… Paypal denied the appeal. Moreover, instead of saying that the explanation and documents I submitted were insufficient, Paypal changed its tune and used an insurmountable and grossly unfair justification.

In an email (Oct. 1) , Paypal’s Compliance Department said:

Due to legal and regulatory constraints, PayPal Private Limited is no longer able to process payments for Charities, Political Party/Organization Donations, Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), Religious Institutions, etc in those countries under its jurisdiction.

Upon receipt, I emailed another appeal. Paypal’s reply:

[...] sorry that at this time, as you are unable to complete the appeals process for your PayPal account(s), then access to the account(s) will remain limited. In accordance with our User Agreement, the funds in your PayPal account balance will be held for 180 days from the date the limitation was originally placed on your account. The balance is held to cover any disputes that may be filed against the account. And your balance can be handled in one of two ways:

1. Your remaining account balance can be used to provide refunds to your buyers (if applicable).


2. Your remaining account balance will be held in your PayPal account for 180 days from the date your account was limited. After 180 days, you will be notified via email with information on how to receive your remaining funds.

Paypal was, by this time, acting like a typhoon worse than Pepeng. First, they asked for documents (we gave them all they need). Then, they said it was impossible for them to service Charities and Non-Profits. This time around, they insist that we have not passed the evaluation process — and asked that we refund donors or wait for six months before we get the money. Elsewhere in the Philippines and across the region, more and more people cry for relief aid and here we are being harassed by Paypal.

I emailed another appeal and asked if it was possible for us to just make a donation to the Red Cross’ official Paypal account which they set up two days before. I told them the can shut down my account permanently as long as we get the money immediately to the Red Cross.

The reply from Paypal? Another rejection. In an email (Oct. 2), Paypal said that:

Per PayPal policy, you could only choose to refund to the buyer of each payment.

I can’t believe Paypal will deny donations for much needed aid. People were dying and are still dying in our country.

On Oct. 6 (imagine the time wasted by Paypal’s obnoxious behavior), Paypal emailed to explain that “your desire to take donations through PayPal for your worthy charitable cause is one case that causes issues for PayPal because PayPal Pte Ltd, the Singaporean company you contracted with for your PayPal account, is unable to process donation transactions”.

Paypal said that:

Our regulatory approval in Singapore only permits PayPal Pte Ltd. to process payments for goods and services. Under Singapore law, which governs your relationship with PayPal, PayPal Pte is restricted to [be] used for processing donations. This policy and approach applies to all customers in all countries which contract online with PayPal Pte Ltd. It is not specific to you, your organization, or your country.

As a consolation, Paypal said that “in light of the dire situation with the typhoon victims in the Philippines, our Legal and Compliance Department has reviewed your appeal and agreed to provide a one time exception to lift your account restriction if you are able to provide us with a written assurance that the collected funds you have accumulated in your PayPal account will go to the Philippine National Red Cross for the stated purpose”.

In other words, Paypal Pte Ltd agreed to release the donations but Cruz and Villar can’t use their service again to ask for more donations. As of last night, 150 people have died because of Typhoon Pepeng but since we can’t use Paypal to ask for donations, we have to look for other ways to accept online donations. They even rejected Citezens Disaster Response Center’s application for a donation account. I’m guessing that they will not accept donation accounts for the victims in Indonesia, Samoa, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. Perhaps Paypal Pte Ltd is not to blame but the Singaporean government BUT there should be exceptions to their rule. Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, the earthquakes in Indonesia, the tsunamis, etc. are critical situations and since third world countries like the Philippines lack the funds to aid the victims and rehabilitate devastated areas, we direly need all the donations we can get. There are so many who are willing to donate but Paypal is hindering all of this.

Citizens' Vigilance

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I want to encourage Facebook users to join Price Watch and post prices of goods here. I’ve been reading tweets and plurks that there are people, including government employees, are taking advantage of the crisis by selling overpriced food to victims. Jester also made a helpful blog post which lists who to contact when there are anomalies spotted.

For complaints regarding food and bottled water costs: report to the Department of Trade and Industry. Click this consumer complaint link to file a complaint online.

For complaints regarding LPG and other cooking fuel costs: report to the Department of Energy. Click their contact details here to find at least one person who will attend to us (I hope).

For complaints regarding the cost of medicines: report to the Department of Health. They have provided Health Emergency Management Service hotlines (+632) 711-1101 and (+632) 743-0538. With any luck we can depend on the Bureau of Food and Drugs; find from the BFAD contact information someone willing to talk to us. (So sorry folks, best I could do at short notice.)

For complaints regarding transportation fares: contact the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board. Click on the LTFRB complaint form to file a complaint online.

More information here.

It’s disgusting how some people are preying on the suffering of others.


Friday, June 12th, 2009

STFU Bong Revilla

Monday, May 25th, 2009

I wrote this rant last May 19, 2009 in WriteBite.

I am a Filipina living in the Philippines. I didn’t find Baldwin’s joke insulting at all. Mail-Order-Brides are a dime a dozen here so it’s not like what Baldwin said is all made up. Besides, he meant it as a joke! Jesus Christ, there are so many overly sensitive Filipinos and there are already calls to boycott “30 Rock”. They’re the ones who are giving the Philippines a bad name, not Baldwin! Are the Russians protesting his remark? Hell no! They have a better sense of humor than us. I suspect Revilla has plans to run this coming election (2010). He’s making a lot of noise and that’s what they are…NOISE!

Joseph Carlo Candare, a sociopath?

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Several days ago, I learned from some Plurker friends about a UP student who gets his thrills from killing cats. The bastard, Joseph Carlo Candare, wrote a multiply entry about a cat he just killed inside the UP campus. He got a lot of angry comments for that entry so he made it private. Fortunately, google cached that entry and people were able to read the whole thing including some comments. Here’s a screencap of that entry.

click for larger version

click for larger version

I’m a cat lover and what this kid did I find truly abominable. I hope that NIP or even the Chancellor is already doing something about this. The kid needs to be punished but it shouldn’t stop there. He’s exhibiting Antisocial Personality Disorder and what’s alarming about it is that the “thrill” he derives from torturing animals can escalate to grimmer things. There is a big chance that he’ll face expulsion since his action was against the law but I’m thinking that he’ll have more hatred with animals and humanity as a consequence. I know a couple of people who actually know the guy in real life and what he does to cats is just one aspect of him. According to them, he has always been a “naughty” kid. He almost set a laboratory on fire. My friends refuse to tell me other details but even just basing the issue on his blog entry alone, it is clear that the kid is disturbed and I believe he needs professional help before it’s too late.

Last night he posted several apology blog entries here, here, and another one he deleted. Sincere or not, he still has urges to harm. He can still continue torturing animals when nobody’s looking. The kid needs professional help like I said, but what irks me a lot are the behaviors of his friends who just let him do such acts. Even more enraging are his friends who defend the violence (read the comments). “Get off your high horse,” they say. Why? So that your friend can beat up the horse?