My favorite Dr. Who Etsy finds

February 9, 2012

I’m a Dr. Who fan. I want to buy official Dr. Who merchandise but they’re too damn expensive. I’ve been looking in Etsy for nice Dr. Who items and there are a lot. They’re cheaper too so I can afford some of them. Here are my favorites.

10th Doctor Plush ($25) from telahmarie


TARDIS purse in poly leather ($250) from LIMOchi – thanks to Larry for this link

Dalek vinyl wall decor ($38) from WondrousWallArt

TARDIS felt plush ($75) from TheHouseOfMouse

River Song’s Diary ($45) from Taeliac Studio

TARDIS and Two Hearts Gold Necklace with Matching Earrings ($35) from TheBotShoppe

TARDIS sculpted earrings with crystals ($30) from TheBotShoppe

TARDIS felt bag ($185) from krukrustudio

TARDIS Kindle Case / Kindle 2 Case /Nook Color / Kobo Case ($35) from TheCuriousCaseLLC

Police Box Wristlet ($39) from RachelWhiteArt

TARDIS cat house ($75) from JennasRedRhino

TARDIS apron ($58) from Jordandene


The Coca-Cola Commercial Which Made Me Cry

December 4, 2011

This is a part of Coke’s “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” ad campaign. I think it’s brilliant and captures completely the trials and travails of Filipino OFWs.

I wonder which ad agency came up with this particular ad.

Suicide and Depression

November 9, 2011

(I started this post last Sunday and the show aired last November 6, 2011.)

While getting my much-needed (home service) massage, I watched last night’s episode of “Cheche Lazaro Presents.” The topic was on suicide. It was my first time to watch Lazaro’s show which is still similar to her former “Probe Team.”

Tonight’s topic hits close to home. Those who read my blog from when it started know my struggles with depression. I made most of the old entries about the topic private ever since I began making friends with people from Plurk and my online life drifted to real life. I decided I need more privacy so I hardly blog about personal matters anymore. The show made me break that though because I have a lot to say on the topic.

The first segment was about a family with 6 siblings, 4 of whom committed suicide. I was shocked that such situations exist in our country. I believe the depression in the said family is genetic…or they might be victims of kulam. I think it’s more of genetics though. The daughter of one of the siblings suffers from depression as well and she mentioned that she warned her friends that if they don’t hear anything from her within 3 days, they should try to contact her family or find her because she might have committed suicide. She wants to heal but it’s something she couldn’t control. She regularly sees a psychiatrist at that. I’m envious of her because of the open communication in her family and she has her friends as support group for her depression. We talk in my family but not about very personal matters. And my depression is often ignored here. As for friends, I have them naman but most are acquaintance or the friendship isn’t very deep. I only have a few close friends and one of them is mad at me and I don’t really understand why. It’s good that I am surrounded by people now but I often wish I am more sociable so I will have more friends. I also wish I could count on more people during bad times because most of the people I hang out with, we hang out just to have fun. I don’t mean any offense and I’m sorry if the wording sounds like I’m an ingrate but I really need people I could call when I’m down.

The next segment was about about a community in Palawan, the Kulbi people, who has a different look on suicide. For the Kulbi people, suicide is natural and not a result of depression. Almost every family in Kulbi has a member or a relative who has committed suicide. They committed it either to save face, to ease burden on the family, they didn’t get what they want, or because of love matters. Surprisingly, those left behind see the act as a source of pride, even heroic. Here is where you might think I’m really a nut case. I envy their community. I want to be able to choose how I die. I even admire those who have committed them because suicide is hard to do. It takes a lot of courage and guts of steel, contrary to people’s notion that it’s a coward’s way out. Believe me, I’ve tried a few times in the past but I didn’t have the courage to do it right. In the segment, there’s a Christian teacher who wants to change beliefs of the Kulbi people. She wants them to learn that suicide is bad, that it’s against her God’s teachings. But the Kubli people aren’t Christian and although they are very poor, they seemed satisfied, even happy most of the time. I really hate that woman who wants to impose her Western ideas on the poor community. Not all of them think of suicide, it just so happens that a large number who do. But what’s wrong with that? Why change if the people are content and have a different view on death? The government needs to give the Kulbi people more financial and educational support but should leave their beliefs alone!

The next segment was an interview with the mother of Natasha Goulbourn, a pretty and privileged girl who committed suicide because of depression. The mother ignored the signs of depression manifesting in her daughter. In the end, Natasha took her life at such a young age. The mother, Jean, has come to terms with what happened and has founded the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation whose aim is to spread awareness on the disease as well as to prevent more suicides from happening. I’ve read about the foundation before and I commend them for their efforts. The country needs more organizations/foundations such as hers.

The last interview was with an eccentric man whose depression manifested when he was in 3rd year college. Mine was officially diagnosed when I was in 3rd year college, the time when I had my first breakdown. But I’ve known that something was wrong with me when I was still in grade school. The eccentric man narrated that he always thinks about suicide but never actually tried. He also mentioned that he attends Mood Harmony (or whatever it is called) which is a regular gathering of doctors and depressives and they talk about whatever they want to share. I think I want to attend the gathering, just to see what it’s all about and if it could help me.

My depression has been with me ever since I can remember but I’m more stable now. I’m not sure if my psychiatrist is the right one for me but at least the medicines seem to work. I also try to go out regularly with friends and do projects/hobbies, anything to occupy my mind. I still find it very hard to sleep but I’m pretty much “normal” lately.

I commend Cheche Lazaro for doing a show on suicide and depression but I wish it was shown during prime time. People need to be aware of this disease. Normal people just see depression as pag-iinarte or that it will go away just be being positive and thinking happy thoughts. I wish that were the case. Depression is hard to beat alone, it’s almost impossible to beat without the help of medical professionals. Positive thinking is easy to say but for depressives, it’s next to impossible to do. You see, those who are having depressive episodes have little energy. We/they are very sensitive to the littlest emotions and there is a tunnel vision of me against the world. Most see it as selfishness but that is not the case at all. The tunnel vision and the heightened emotions cannot be controlled without external help. It is easier to just follow the downward spiral and not fight the depression. Suicide is not an easy way out, contrary to society’s opinion. Suicide is very hard to do. Believe me. I’ve been there several times. It takes courage and iron will to successfully do it. I honestly admire those who have done it successfully because I can’t. I know this is so taboo but that’s how I really feel about the issue. I want to be able to choose how I will die and maybe when I feel I’m ready, even if I’m not depressed at that time, but I feel that it’s the right time to go, I hope I will have the courage to do it. I don’t think what I just said has anything to do with my depression. It’s just the way I think.

The impoverished who suffer from this disease are really victims here. Seeing a psychiatrist and the cost of medicines are very expensive. Very very expensive. The poor’s only hope is through a few foundations, maybe their religion, and the National Mental Hospital which is full to the brim and couldn’t accommodate or entertain all sufferers. And what about the sick who doesn’t live in Imperial Manila? Where can they go for help? There should be more help available for those who want to be healed. At least the show is a good start because they made people aware of the disease and that it’s manageable. This problem should be tackled during prime time though, not when Philippines is asleep and the channel needs a filler for late airtime.

fell down the stairs

My teeth are A-OK says Dr. Karla Domingo

October 18, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was invited to K Dental Studio which is owned and operated by Dr. Karla Domingo. I immediately noticed the lovely spa-like interior which is a far cry from the dental clinics I’ve been to. I’m not scared of going to dentists. In fact, I tend to fall asleep during procedures. However, I know that providing a comfortable atmosphere will put patients at ease.

K Dental Studio's waiting area

As you can see from the photo above, it looks more like a nail pampering salon than a waiting area. As Dr. Karla Dominguez explained later to us, her philosophy is to offer a more personal and long-term approach to dental care and patient-dentist relationship. People usually think of going to their dentist when they are already in pain or when they remember that they need cleaning. Dr. Karla wants to change this mindset by offering more of a lifestyle center than a clinic. With a more hands-on and personal approach and by keeping in constant touch with patients/clients, the hesitancy of visiting the doctor will be lessened thereby preventing tooth problems which otherwise might be too late to fix. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Steve Jobs

October 7, 2011

A while ago I was looking at and saw that I can send an email to The following is what I wrote.


You have greatly touched almost all the lives on earth. I live in the Philippines and even here your genius has affected our lives. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to computers but the first one I ever touched was an Apple II. It belonged to my cousin and it was very foreign to me. Many years later, after frustrations with any Windows-based computers, I finally switched to Mac. I couldn’t afford a brand new one so I bought a second-hand iBook. It was great and it truly met my expectations and more. I became a fan ever since and saved money to buy Apple products. The iPod Classic and Video accompanied my many moods and solitude. The iBook, Macbook, and Macbook Pro gave me a chance to make new friends, make extra money, and express my thoughts and opinions, and so much more. The iPad was a wonder which exposed me to more literature new and old, games to drive away ennui and applications which helped me with productivity. Then there is the iPhone.

I used to think that the iPhone is an overpriced piece of crap but when Beni Gelzer who lives all the way in Switzerland generously gave me his old 3GS, I became a convert. The iPhone changed my life and I never imagined a smartphone can do so many tasks. It was definitely beyond my imagination. So when the 3GS gave up on me, I bought a brand new 4G. It was expensive but I know I will never regret it. My iPhone 4G has a lot of stories to tell. From how I accidentally left it in a restaurant in Singapore and how Joel Ramos selflessly tracked it and found a person going to the Philippines who can hand me the phone I lost. How can a single device transcend boundaries and travel so much distance? I suspect what happened was sort of magical.

Your passing away didn’t come as a surprise but I still felt a loss in my life. We never met, you probably never think about my country at all, but just the same your life has left a mark which can never be replaced. I wonder if there will ever be a dropout, deviant, megalomaniac, genius like you who will have the same effect on millions of lives. Maybe not in my lifetime. I bid you adieu, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for changing my life somehow.


Karen Ang

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

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Uniqlo to open in Mall of Asia

September 19, 2011

Yes you read that right. A small snippet in Philippine Star Online mentioned that Uniqlo will finally open in the Philippines.

Uniqlo, a Japanese retailing fave, is definitely opening at the SM Mall of Asia next year. Meanwhile, followers of H&M are still waiting for a Philippine branch to happen.


I looked at Uniqlo’s website but there was no mention of a future Philippine branch. I hope Philippine Star’s source is reliable. I have lots of friends who are big fans of Uniqlo. I’m not but I haven’t really explored Uniqlo when I was in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We already have a Muji here and I still haven’t bought anything there. I find them too expensive for very simple products.

Music I’m digging at the moment

August 12, 2011

I just found out about LA-born Kreayshawn from HighSnobette. I’m usually not into hip hop but Kreayshawn is super catchy and I love her fashion.

She reminds me of Amy Winehouse, hip hop version though.

I also like her friend V-NASTY

She looks so high in that video. These white girls can rap!

And then there’s Nicki Minaj who I only found out because of the MAC lipstick. Look at how small her waist is!

With Annie Lennox sampling

There’s also trashy K$sha. Who wouldn’t love her?!

To balance things out, I adore Oh Land especially this video.

Mare urine and Estrogens

July 29, 2011

"Dapple Mare and Fowl" by Ruane Manning

I’m reading Chuck Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monsters” and I’m in the part when the main character encountered Premarin and said it stands for PREgnant MARe uRINe. Well that made me stop. So I looked it up online and indeed the pills are made from pregnant mares’ urine.

I remember my mom getting Premarin patches. I think there are Premarin pills and other types and thank goodness she doesn’t ingest them. Still, I doubt my mom knows what Premarin really is! Why would anybody take mare urine?! Even if the urine came from the cleanest animal on earth I wouldn’t want it. Bloody hell, science! For a while there I thought I was the one prescribed some Premarin pills. Good thing it was mom…



I asked mom earlier if she’s aware that her Premarin is made from urine and it turns out that she is. She said she also took them in pill form. Ugh.

Join Pinay WAHMS’ $800 Birthday Giveaway!

July 11, 2011

The WAHMS (work-at-home-moms) will be celebrating their birthdays this July 25, 26 and 27 and decided to make a combined birthday contest. You can win up to $800 worth of cash and prizes if you join.

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I want to go to a Midnight Masquerade

May 19, 2011

Yes I do. And I want to wear this mask made by Katrina Pallon, the lady behind the Midnight Masquerade masks.


Crimson Rose


This masks has so many elements which I love, the feathers, roses, and the dangling metal disks. I love the complexity of this mask and you really can get lost behind it. I mean, that’s the purpose of masks, right? To hide, to present a character other than ourselves. If I wear this to the Jareth Ball I’m sure everyone will notice me, or the mask, or both (?)…it doesn’t matter what gets noticed because the point is anyone who wears this will be beautiful.

I will be beautiful.

This is my official entry for the Midnight Masquerade contest. Please help me win my dream mask by liking Midnight Masquerade and liking my entry in the Wall.