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Are relief goods from abroad gathering dust in DSWD warehouse?

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

@mmeyma on Twitter brought to my attention a terribly disturbing news. blogged about how the relief goods being coursed through DSWD are just stuck in the warehouse. If what Ella said is true, the victims still haven’t received the donations from abroad. I’m trying my best to get the news verified but is now down and I think it’s important to spread this information as soon as possible. I was fortunate enough to be able to access her blog earlier and was able to screencap the entire entry.

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Feel free to repost the photo. Much better if you can back it up in your computer.

UPDATE 1 is online again and her response to news networks.


Try as she might, Cabral can’t even deny that the goods are still there. She is just digging herself deeper into the muck especially with her literal interpretation of “rotting”. Trying to be cute or running out of excuses. Another thing, if DSWD is really planning to distribute the goods to the possible victims of Typhoon Ramil she should have sent the goods to Northern Luzon by now. Wag nga tayong gawing tanga! They keep on coming up with lame excuses. If they wanted volunteers, many of us are more than willing to help. Yet there was hardly a peep about the need for volunteers when they have so many resources for letting the public know. Wala lang talagang pakialam ang DSWD at ang gobyerno.


Some friends of mine dropped by earlier at the DSWD warehouse in pasay city. This was the warehouse along chapel st. The press release was that relief ops were currently ongoing at full speed but this was not the case, at least this was not what my friends witnessed upon alighting the vehicle at the gate of the DSWD warehouse. They were hardly welcomed by the guard assigned at that gate. This was how the conversation more or less went.

friend #1: San ang warehouse para sa relief operations para sa volunteers?
guard: Dyan (pointing vaguely somewhere or at something which they could hardly make out)
friend#1: Gusto namin mag volunteer, san kami pupunta?
guard: Ah, punta kayo sa kabilang gate pero wala ng volunteers ngayon, umalis na at kakaalis lang ng 3 truck dala ang relief goods papuntang region 1 and 2.
friend#2: Marami bang volunteers pumunta dito kanina?
guard: Oo, madami.
friend#2: Ano sila? Puro estudyante?
guard: Oo, mga 200 sila.
friend#2: Ano? Mga elementary students ba to? (feigning ignorance at the kind of volunteers that shows up)
guard: Hindi, mga college students to, mga taga-PMI.
friend#2: Anong oras ba nagsisimula at natatapos?
guard: Sa umaga, tapos natatapos kahit anong oras sa gabi.
friend#2: Kahit anong oras? So bakit sabi mo tapos na ngayon at di na pwede mag volunteer?
guard: Nagsisimula minsan sa umaga tapos hanggang alas-9 or 10 or hanggang 11pm.
friend#2: So san nga kami pupunta kung pwede pala hanggang 11pm?
guard: punta kayo sa kabilang gate

They then moved along to the other gate nearby. The other gate was not as welcoming as the first since it was just a iron gate that didnt even have a knocker on it. However, they could see through its sides that there was a guardhouse nearby and they started calling the attention of whoever was there since they could hear the radio playing from the other side of the gate. After several seconds of persistent knocking and guard calling, a sando-wearing disoriented-looking guard finally opened the gate.

friend#1: Dito kami tinuro ng guard sa kabilang gate para mag volunteer sa relief operations.
guard: Ha? Anong balak nyong gawin? San kayong grupo?
friend#1: Sa RockEd kame. Gusto namin sana makita ang warehouse para sa volunteer work.
guard: Ah balik na lang kayo bukas, kse sarado na ang warehouse.
friend#1: Bakit di pwede tingnan, sabi sa balita na pwede kami mag volunteer kaya nga nandito kami eh tapos sasabihin mo sarado?
guard: Sarado na kse nag lo loading ngayon dun ng relief goods.
friend#1: Eh bakit sinabi mo sarado kung may loading pala nangyayari dun.
guard: Ano ba balak nyo? Di pwede dito ng coverage. Di pwede tumingin lang, kailangan mag volunteer.
friend#1: Sige, pero gusto namin tingnan para lam namin kung pano magbigay ng instructions sa ibang volunteers pero since ayaw mo lang na tumingin kme, mag vovolunteer na din kami ngayon na.
guard: Magbubuhat kayo ng carton?
friend#1: Hindi, magre repack kami.
guard: Bakit gusto nyo lang tingnan?
friend#1: Sinabi na nga namin mag vo volunteer na nga kami kse ayaw mo na tumingin lang kami eh. Lam mo ba na wala kaming problema na makita ang relief goods sa red cross at sa abs-cbn kahit late na ng gabi? Sikreto ba ang location ng sardinas?
guard: (already pissed off) Bakit paulit-ulit ang sinasabi mo?
friend#1: Bakit nga? Anong problema talga? Talgang sikreto nga ang taguan ng sardinas?
guard: akin na ID mo.
friend#1: eto.
guard: (went away for a few minutes and returned with the ID)
friend#1: So ano?
guard: Balik na lang kayo bukas ng umaga.
friend#1: Anong oras ba talga relief ops dito? Meron ba kanina?
guard: Oo meron, mga 50 lang na estudyante.
friend#2: 50 lang? Pano sila makaka repack ng marami para sa 3 trucks?
guard: (irked again, maybe he was irked of how stupid his answers were.) Bukas na lang kayo bumalik kse walang advise sa amin sa ganitong oras ng pag volunteer.
friend#1: Eh bakit sabi sa amin ng isang guard minsan hanggang 11pm or hanggang gabi talga ang repacking? Anong oras ba talga nagsisimula at natatapos?
guard: basta bukas sa umaga tapos hanggang hapon o gabi.
friend#1: anong pangalan mo?
guard: bukas na lang.
friend#1: Bakit ayaw mo ibigay pangalan mo? Di ba sa gobyerno ka nagtratrabaho? Kinuha mo ID ko, alam mo pangalan ko tapos ayaw mo ibigay pangalan mo sa akin?
guard: (hesitated and stalled) Jay Lou Sadaya
friend#1: Jay Lou Sadaya? Jay Lou Sadaya?
guard: (nodding)
friend#2: sige babalik kami bukas.

Obviously, the accounts of both guards who are expected to be abreast of existing relief operations, (if they existed at all) or if they really are ongoing, should’ve been aware of the schedules and protocols of the activity itself. They should’ve been accommodating instead of being suspicious or consumed with such paranoia at the sight of volunteers or people wanting to volunteer. But again, this wouldn’t have happened at all had the government really meant that THERE REALLY WERE ONGOING RELIEF OPERATIONS at the site since the place did not give the impression of a warehouse bustling with activity at all. If that’s what they call Ongoing Relief Operations, then we now know why our country is still languishing in no relief hell. It’s because our government has always been doing what it does best, pay lip service to those who really need it. Great job GMA, Gibo and Cabral! Now please, don’t be surprised anymore if more people wonder why there seems to be a lack in relief goods being sent to those who really need it, the answer is plain and simple, it’s coz there is no sense of urgency and the relief goods can take all the time they want in the DSWD warehouse. By the way, the location of sardines and whatever relief goods there are seems to be classified information.


Gang Badoy was able to arrange with Sec. Cabral to allow volunteers to hasten the repacking of relief goods in the warehouse. If you want to be a volunteer, sign up here. I’m sure a LOT of volunteers are needed. Just look at the photos from ella’s blog.


Check out Bayanihan Online’s timeline of events of what happened yesterday. Since this issue isn’t over, I’m pretty sure that the blog post will be constantly updated.

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