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My resolutions for 2011

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

I usually don’t do resolutions but I decided I need one for this year. So here they are.

Write better personal entries on this blog

Bury Me In This Dress has been going down hill for a couple of years now. I blame Plurk for this. Used to be I wrote my thoughts and feelings because I hardly knew anyone on the blogosphere. When I joined Plurk, I got to know fellow bloggers and even made friends with a lot of them. Now I edit myself when writing here and that results to hardly any entries or simply asinine ones. This 2011, I will be more candid and express myself more, share my life and thoughts with less restraint. This is hard for me to do since I don’t trust people easily. But I need to do that because the primary purpose of BMITD is to express myself which is partly therapeutic.

Start exercising

I lost a lot of weight after I had my lapband surgery but I don’t look healthy. I have flappy arms and stomach now. I can get rid of those with plastic surgery but I still need to exercise because I look pasty. I also need to improve my health since I’m not getting any yonger…even if I still look so young. I want to take up biking and/or dancing.

Launch my own business this year

Since I find working for the family business a real drag, I really need a business of my own. I won’t mention the nature of the business lest my idea be stolen but I believe it has big potential. Work it, dementia!

Spend less time on the internet

I don’t know how I can do this since I have to maintain but I need time for my pets, my books, exercise, my new business, and other interests. This also means I need to spend less time on Facebook games! Those addicting games cost me real money too!

Save money/ Refrain from impulse buying

That’s me. Ms. Impulsive. The Marquis, my iPad, was an impulse purchase. So was my Galaxy Tab. This year, I will place a portion of my income in my bank account. There’s also a summer trip to Japan I need to save up for. I wonder how I can stop myself from impulse purchasing though….

Do charity work

I don’t mean just donating to NGOs. I already do that. I want a more hands-on experience. Like planting trees, rebuilding schools, etc.

Learn to love myself

This is the most important one. I don’t love myself. That’s why I get into all sorts of trouble. I need to find a way to appreciate myself. People might be thinking that I buy pamper myself too much already since I buy all those expensive gadgets, makeups, etc. I don’t call those actions pampering. I do them because a purchase makes me feel happy. The makeups make me feel pretty. My hedonistic lifestyle (well that’s what it is, right?) is my way to feel good about myself. At the core though, I’m empty.

Karen, good luck this year. I hope you can keep your resolutions. If you can’t keep them all, just keep the last one. Please. It’s the root of all your problems.

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